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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Tragedy in Haiti!
Last Tuesday afternoon, 12th January, there was a strong earthquake in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world. It was of 7.0 magnitude and caused death to thousands of people in Port-au-Prince, the capital city. Many more thousands are still under the rubble. Structures of all kinds collapsed. Thousands of people lost everything and now they don't have a shelter, medicines, water or food. International help is arriving to Haiti but it's difficult to help the needed because everybody is in shock, there are no hospitals and many doctors died in the tragedy too.


  1. Olá, Dulce!
    Gostei do video no Blogger. Foi fácil? Como conseguiu ter só uma imagem? Lembra-se que o meu video (de exemplo) tem duas imagens?!
    Também gosto do layout das duas imagens.
    Way to go!!! Devagar se vai ao longe...

  2. Olá Dulce,
    Também eu reservei um espaço no meu blogue para a tragédia no Haiti.É impossivel ficarmos indiferentes perante tal catástrofe humanitária num país que já padecia de todos os males. Wasn't it enough?