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Poetry feeds the soul


               I am brunette

               And I like going to the internet

              I like playing games
       But not always the same
                                        I love having holidays

                                          But not all days
                     Sometimes I like reading

             But actually I prefer swimming

           This is a piece of me
It doesn’t matter what you see

Poem written by Vanessa Sofia Moreira de Carvalho, nr.16- 9thB
November 2009

I don´t know what I want, 
so don’t ask me
Because I’m still trying 
to figure it out.
I’m alone, on my own, 
and that’s all I know
I’m just a girl, trying to find
 a place in this world
Life is what you make it,
So let’s make it right.

Poem written by Joana Leão, nr 11,9th A

Monday, 22 February 2010

Who am I ?

I am an ordinary


I am nice,

I am stubborn,

I am talkative,

I am very shy,

I am sometimes moody


I am sensible,

and generous.

I am tall,

I've got brown eyes,

I've got brown hair,

I am skinny,

So, I am what I am !

                                                                                                               Poem written by Patrícia Sofia, nr 11- 9th B
November 2009

I d e n t i t y

I want to be smart ...

I want to be pretty …

I want to be cool …

I want to be generous …

I want to be a good person …

I want to be perfect …

I want to be everything …

But this everything never

Has been part

Of my world

Ana Carina nº 2 9ºC

I am a girl

An ordinary girl

I want to grow up

Grow up fast.

I want to be a woman

to love and be loved

I want to be just me

I want to be HAPPY!

Poem written by Verónica Martins, nr 24 9th  A

I d e n t i t y

Am I a good friend?

I think so...

Am I a good singer?
My ears tell me: 'No'

Am I a good student?
I try to do my best

Am I nervous?
Sometimes when I have a difficult test

Am I a good keeper?
I'm not very bad...

Am I a good designer?
I can design a simple house

Am I a good person?
I fight for a good cause

This is me...

Poem written by André Pinto, nr 3-9th A

Poem written by : Ana Raquel Martins nº1 9ºB



I’m a different girl.

There’s no one like me.

I’m a good person.

When I’m happy with me.

I like to sing and to write

When I’m alone.

I don’t like colours.

I love white chocolate.

I love my friends

I like heavy metal

I hate lies.

Only I know who I really am.

Cátia Tavares nº12 9ºC


I am what I am
And I´m not unhappy
My heart is my star
That makes me live
I´m friendly and intelligent
But sometimes I´m stupid
I´m always in a good mood
I like having a smile on my face
I like swimming
I hate milk
But I´m ordinary
Just like you

Marisa Coutinho nº15 9ºC

I am what I am
And I’m not afraid of it
I show you who I am
All day, all time
I like the same and different things
that you like
I'm an ordinary girl but at the same time
quite different
I like singing songs and listening to music
I like my friends and my family
I like a chocolate bar and a sweet candy
                                  I like living my life
Anyone can say what they want
but I will not care
I will always be myself
and I will not change myself 

Ana Rita Chinita nº4 9ºC

I am…

I am a girl…
I am a pure brunette…
I am nice…
I am stubborn…
I am a good friend…
I love my family and my friends…
This is me…

                                            Andreia Pinheiro nº8 9ºC

I d e n t i t y

I choose who I am
In the time I want
I’m not ashamed
Of who I am

If anyone makes me cry
I will show my dark side
If anyone makes me laugh
I will show my bright side

 I don’t let anyone
Change who I am
      And I know that my friends
Will understand

I love my awesome life
Where friends are good
But if they stick me a knife
I will change my mood

Ana Filipa, nº3 9th C

Who am I ?

I am the child of
my parents
I am sometimes sweet but
usually I'm responsible.
I am what I am.
People think I'm shy
But really I'm quite sociable.
I am what I am.
I always smile and I never
 look sad
I am what I am.
If you ask "why?"
I'll say "whatever".
But if you can keep a secret.
I'll tell you who I am.

Poem completed  by the 9th A class from Escola Básica 2,3 Jorge de Barros
Teacher: Mª Dulce Branquinho
October 2009

Who am I?

I am the child of
my parents
I am sometimes shy but
Usually I am extrovert.
I am what I am.
People think I'm special
But really I'm quite common.
I am what I am.
I always support my friends and
I never let them down.
If you ask me how I feel
I'll say I enjoy beeing me
But if you can keep a secret
I'll tell you who I am.

Poem completed by the 9th B class from Escola Básica 2,3 Jorge de Barros
Teacher: Mª Dulce Branquinho
October 2009

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