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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

 At last some Good News !!!
The red squirrels are back in Portugal. They were said to be extinct for centuries but they were seen in the north of Portugal recently. Biologists dicovered that they come from Spain. In fact they occupy some areas in both countries. Serra do Gerês is a good example. They have been seen climbing trees, picking nuts, collecting them and hiding them under the trees for further meals. What may this reappearance after so much time mean?
Environmental conditions are getting better in Portugal? The conditions in Spain no longer suit them? Maybe these two possibilities are real. For centuries we have deforested our woods because of the shipbuilding at the time of Discoveries. Fortunately people start worrying about environmental problems and it is our wish that we can keep doing our best to improve conditions in order to provide some endangered species to survive and increase the number of individuals.

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  1. Dulce,
    És uma caixinha de surpresas.