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Monday, 16 November 2015

Homework for 8th Form

Past Simple or Past Continuous?

A.Fill in the blanks with a correct form, the PAST SIMPLE or the PAST CONTINUOUS:

 1. We ___________________________ (play) volleyball with Mary, when you        __________________________(call) me.

 2. When the teacher ___________________________(come) in, they                  __________________________ (study) English.

 3. The baby ___________________________ (sleep) when the telephone            _________________________(ring).

 4. While I ___________________________ (walk) in the streets of Holland, I        ___________________________ (meet) an old friend of mine.

5. I was looking for my purse when I ___________________________ (drop)       my credit card.

 6. She ___________________________ (dance) when she hurt her ankle.

 7. It ___________________________ (rain) heavily when I got up.

 8. I ___________________________ (see) the thief while he                              ________________________ (get) into my neighbor’s house

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