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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Slower melting ice cream developed by scientists

Scottish scientists believe they have ound the secret to making an ice cream that does not melt so quickly on hot summer days.
Researchers at the universities of Dundee and Edinburgh have found a naturally occurring protein that makes the ice cream mixture more stable meaning it melts more slowly and is smoother in texture.
Prof Cait MacPhee, from the University of Edinburgh, says the new ingredient will mean ice cream will "melt eventually, but hopefully by keeping it stable for longer, it will stop the drips".

A new ingredient developed by scientists in Scotland could mean that ice-cream lovers can enjoy their treats longer before they melt.
Slow melting ice cream
A naturally occurring protein can be used to create ice cream which stays frozen for longer in hot weather.

The scientists estimate that the slow-melting product could become available in three to five years.
The development could also allow products to be made with lower levels of saturated fat and fewer calories.
Teams at the Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee have discovered that the protein, known as BsIA, works by binding together the air, fat and water in ice cream.
It is also said to prevent gritty ice crystals from forming - ensuring a fine, smooth texture.

From BBC News

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