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Friday, 27 December 2013

Berlin's pink pipes: What are they?

Anyone visiting Berlin is likely to notice the giant pink pipes that snake through the city for miles on end.

The brightly coloured tubes (mainly pink and sometimes red or purple) form elaborate shapes as they make their way through the German capital, many of them above head height.
But what are they and why are they there?

From BBC News
Watch this video and you'll find out!

These giant brightly-coloured tubes of most elaborated shapes rise all over Berlin. They appear virtually overnight and disappear without a trace. So, what are they and why are they pink?
There are now about 40 miles of most intricately entwined pink pipes in Berlin. In order to find out what they are there for you must trace them to the end, or the source, since the tubes are in fact water pipes.
Berlin stands on a swamp. To build in it, you first need to suck the water out from under the ground level. It is then pumped across the city and put into a special canal, while the buildings stand there, with their basements surrounded by water after it rises back to its original level. The foundations are sealed off though, so no water can pass through them.

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