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Monday, 25 March 2013

Falcons save Dubai

Keeping Dubai pigeon free is a challenge but there's an ancient Arabian solution.

In Dubai, falcons have royal treatment.Falconry is the sport of kings. 
Falconry is an integral part of desert life which has been practiced in the UAE for centuries. Originally, falcons were used for hunting, to supplement the Bedouin diet with some meat, such as hare or houbara. Both Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Mohammed have shown great concern and support for this important part of the UAE's cultural heritage.

Nowadays, falconry is practiced purely for sport. The main prey for falcons in the UAE are MacQueen's bustard, houbara, or hare. There is now a very successful captive breeding programme in the UAE for houbara, ensuring that this popular sport does not eliminate this species.

Now it seems they are also beeing used to hunt pigeons because they're spoiling the city. 
That's a very ecological solution and besides they have fresh meals and exercise at the same time. It can also be seen as training too.

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