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Monday, 3 December 2012

Should/ shouldn't - Giving advice


                         He shouldn't eat so much!

Should and Shouldn't - Use

  • We use should and shouldn't to give advice or to talk about what we think is right or wrong.
  • You should means something like I think it is a good idea for you to do it.
  • You shouldn't means something like I think it is a bad idea for you to do it.
  • Should is used to express the opinion of a speaker and often follows I thinkor I don't think.


You look tired. I think you should take a few days off.

Alice works very long hours. She should talk to her boss.

     - I have an English test tomorrow.
     - I shouldn't worry if I were you. You have worked really hard.

     - I never have enough money.
     - I don't think you should go out so much.

Exercise. Chose should or shouldn't.
  1. You  be so selfish.
  2. I don't think you  smoke so much.
  3. You  exercise more.
  4. I think you  try to speak to her.
  5. You are overweight. You  go on a diet.
  6. Where  we park our car?
  7. You  never speak to your mother like this.
  8. The kids  spend so much time in front of the TV.
  9.  I tell her the truth or should I say nothing?
  10. I think we  reserve our holiday in advance.
Tip! We do not use shouldn't where there isn't any obligation at all.
Instead we use don't have to or don't need to.

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