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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Volcanic ash from Icelandic volcano causes massive disruption to most European airports

How a volcanic eruption can change people's lives...

Hundreds of flights have been cancelled in most European countries' airports due to the  volcanic ash cloud which spread over Europe. This is a very unusual situation because people want to go back to their countries or must travel in business and they can't because of this volcanic eruption in Iceland. Some air companies have already done some  flying tests to check if the planes get damaged during the flights

The Eyjafjallajokul  volcano in south Iceland started its activity on the 21st March  (there is a video on this blog) and it is one of the about 130 volcanic mountains! of which 18 have erupted since the settlement of Iceland, circa 900 CE. Over the past 500 years, Iceland's volcanoes have erupted a third of the total global lava output!

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  1. This is an extraordinary and scarry news. A natural phenomenon with serious consequences.