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Monday, 5 April 2010

Hi kids from 9th A and B this is for you!

The Past Perfect Simple

The past perfect simple expresses an action taking place before a certain time or action in the past:

  • He had just finished his homework when his mother arrived.
  • When Gina got to the bank the robbers had already left
  • The doctor hadn't prescribed Jim any medicines before he had the tests results.
Auxiliary verb Have in the Past = HAD + Main Verb in the Past Participle
                              ( -ed for regular verbs or 3rd column for the Irregular Verbs)

Signal Words
already, just, never, not yet, once, until that day (with reference to the past)

Links for exercises on this grammar topic:

Try them all because they are all different. Don't forget to leave your comment!

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  1. Raquel Araújo and Susana Almeida21 April 2010 at 14:37

    I liked the exercises because they were useful and funny.
    Raquel Araújo and Susana Almeida