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Monday, 22 February 2010

myspace commentsMadeira- the latest Victim of a weather disaster

 Nature in Fury

      Madeira has suffered the largest weather catastrophe of the last hundred years. The flood and  the landslides destroyed downtown Funchal, killed dozens  of people and took the homes of  many families.
     The Pearl of the Atlantic, as it is known, has been many English tourists' destination, among other nationalities', for a long time. At this moment the People of Madeira is working very hard to rebuilt what was destroyed by the torrents of water and mud which invaded the centre of Funchal. We believe they will be succesful in a short time because they are working round the clock to put everything as it was before.
     The Portuguese government declared three days of national mourning. Once more solidarity is essential to help the victims of a natural catastrophe.
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  1. Hi Teacher!

    I agree, it's really a shame what hapenned in Madeira ..
    There's so many destruction in this island.

    Nice work, good blog!